This is my series devoted to the real life models who became Rootstein mannequins. The mannequins are also dressed in attire that provides a little bit of fashion history.

Marianna Winter from Calendar Girls Series. pose code G7 early production and code G07 later production. This pose was featured on the original catalog cover. Marianna was also pose G6 standing amd G10 sitting.

Rootstein Mannequin, Marianna Winter styled in Courreges suit (known for pioneering the “go-go boot” and space age fashion) , Pepe Jimenez shoes, and pearl earrings.

This is the second Sliwka mannequin that this collector owns. To me, she looks like a drunk mannequin.

The original Sliwka torso missing parts and fitting removed, unlikely to find parts and rebuild the cut away section of lower torso, so decided to have Sliwka T12 head attached to a Rootstein body that would be a rescue, similar measurements to the original pose. The body is BarBelles Series BB5 pose.

Sliwka styled in Wes Gordon blouse, Snow Xue Gao skirt ( known for asymmetrical draping, started her line in 2017 and nominated for LVMH prize) Vaneli shoes and peacock pearls.

Geo, from Runway Geo Series, pose code M7, circa early-mid 1980’s. Note the right hand not for this pose, it is from Virgo 75, this is the way Geo arrived after retirement from a London shop window.

Rootstein, Geo styled in Alice McCall dress (Australian designer, launched line about 2004ish, eclectic style and amazing attention to detail), C-C Collection hat, vintage pearls and Italian leather envelope bag.

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