Dress forms have been the source of inspiration for a variety of projects for a variety of artists. Some artists buy used dress forms from Mannequin Madness and adorn them with decorative elements like on the photo’s below.

Others find their inspiration with dress forms that are well worn or tattered and appreciate the beauty of the aging process.

I was searching on the internet to find more information about the history of dress forms and why they are often referred to as a “judy” if it is a female dress form and a “james” if it is a male dress form. No one seems to know the origin of this it is just one of those sayings that people repeat and have no idea why.

Normally we wouldn’t care about this trivia detail. But since my name is Judi and my husband is Jay, we find it ironic that we landed in the mannequin business. How karmic is that?

Anyway while searching on the internet for “why are dress forms called a Judy?” I came across this lovely article about a photographer in Atlanta named Ross Knight and his love affair with Judy, the dress form.

He put a skirt on “judy” and photographed her in various places:

It is a lovely article, almost like a valentine or love letter and the photography is amazing.

Send us your creative projects that you have done with mannequins or dress forms so we can post them here for others to be inspired about