To the untrained eye, all mannequins are pretty much same.

But that would be like saying a Toyota and a BMW are the same because they are both automobiles with four tires and a steering wheel. There are huge differences between these cars which is why you will pay more for a used BMW than a brand new Toyota.

Do you see a difference between the mannequin on the left and the one on the right? The one on the left is made by Rootstein and costs about $1000 new (excluding the wig). The one on the right costs around $99.00.

Technically both mannequins display clothing. Which one is much more appealing to look at ? This leaves a positive impact on the clothing and in the eye of passerby.

4 designer discount mannequin

If you like the one on the left but can only afford the one on the right, this is why buying a gently used mannequin is the way to go. We sell both new and used mannequins at Mannequin Madness. We recycle mannequins from high end retail stores when they remodel or close locations to keep them from tossing their unwanted mannequins in the landfill.

Often the mannequins are in perfect condition and sometimes only a few years old. We sell them at a significant discount on what you would pay for them brand new. However they sell out fast!

For example in the photo below are some Italian designed mannequins from an Armani store. They sold out within a month.

4 designer discount mannequin


We get all different styles of mannequins from high retailers like Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdales, Armani and Burberry. We also recycle mannequins for Macy’s, Bebe, Talbot’s, Charlotte Russe and Nike.

Check our website for used mannequins. Many of our most designer mannequins – made by Rootstein for example – never make it to website. They are purchased by people who sign up for our Rootstein email alerts before we have a chance to post them on our website.











This article from the New York Times highlighted an Italian mannequin company, Bonaveri, known as the Ferrari of mannequin manufacturers. These are the type of mannequins that retailers such as Armani, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss use to display their wares.

The more expensive the clothing, the more expensive (or expensive looking) the mannequin needs to be.



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Gayle Chamberlain
11 years ago

Please add to me to your email list-thank you!
I loved your site!

Lulu Redshoes
Lulu Redshoes
10 years ago

Please add me to you list for used mannies and parts! (Art projects.) Thanks Lulu

9 years ago

Please add me to your list

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