pregnant demi moore on vanity fair
Remember this Vanity Fair cover of a pregnant nude Demi Moore? It’s hard to believe that it caused such an uproar back in 1991.
Today it is practically a rite of passage for a celebrity (or reality tv star) to pose seductively for a magazine cover during her pregnancy. Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and  Cindy Crawford are some of at least 11 celebrities who have posed in magazines as diverse as Jane to Playboy while pregnant.
sexy pregnant mannequin
Maternity clothing has changed as well to cater to women who want to look  fashionable – even sexy – despite their expanding waistline. Did you see dress and sky high heels that Victoria Beckham wore to Royal Wedding this year?
And now there is even a new type of maternity mannequin available to match the changing trend in maternity wear. This maternal, yet sexy looking mannequin is one that we now have for sale on our website .
modern maternity mannequin
And I might add, she is a little more “mature” looking than most maternity mannequins. Older moms to tend to have more money to spend on their maternity wear, so having a mannequin in your online or retail store who looks like them is a good marketing ploy.
sexy pregnant mannequin
Another way that retailers are making maternity mannequins appear more modern looking is by using one of their existing mannequins and put this maternity pillow on them, like this one.
maternity pillow


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Max Damin
10 years ago

Super! I like it!

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