We launched a Mannequin Madness channel on YouTube and it is filled with mannequin related content. The channel is divided into categories to make it easy to find what you are looking for

There is a “How To” Category – which has a lot of instructional tips about mannequins such as how to dress a mannequin, how to assemble a mannequin and how to repair a mannequin – even how to make a duct tape mannequin from your body shape.

There is a “Mannequins in commercials category” which features unique ways mannequins have been used in tv and promotional videos. (Check out the White Castle commercial which is funny and the Mercedes Commercial which is a little creepy)

There is a “Mannequins in TV/Film/Music” which is self explanatory. Yes we have a clip from the movie “Mannequin” as well as that iconic Twilight Zone episode where the mannequins come to life.

Of course we also have a little self-promotion with videos that feature our company.

We are adding more content all the time. Let us know if there are categories you think we should add and send us videos (PG only please) that feature mannequins.


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