Many artists are using the three dimensional surface of a mannequin instead of the 2 dimensional surface of a painting to create unique pieces of art. The Blue Art Gallery in India hosted an exhibition of artists from 28 artists from different states in India, many of whom used a mannequin as their canvas.


Art by Geeta Dutt

The exhibition was called “The Mute Shall Talk” and the motive of the exhibition was to prove that art is not confined within boundaries.  The creative strength of each artist, using different techniques and perceptions, were united by this exhibition.


Art by Jitan Sahu


This is just one of many art projects we’ve seen recently that use a full size mannequin or a mannequin part. At Mannequin Madness, where we recycle mannequins for retail stores when they remodel, many of the broken mannequins we acquire get turned into dynamic pieces of art similar to these. So much nicer than having unwanted mannequins thrown into the landfill.

Art by K. Narsimlu




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