This is a continuation of our favorite window displays from Lanvin with ideas that  could be executed in budget friendly ways. The main elements are carefully chosen props, great lighting, color and signage. And oh of course, mannequins that are not in the standard military style standing position. We offer a range  of mannequins in seated and reclining poses at Mannequin Madness.

Once again the addition of a mirror makes all the difference in this display. Love how her handbag is draped so casually and naturally.
Not sure what the typewriter has to do with this display and why he has shorts on with a jacket. But it does get your attention. 
This scene has “diva” written all over it. Her handbag has more material than her swimsuit! You sure notice her shoes in a display like this. 
Not liking this guy’s outfit or the cigarette in his hand. But love the idea of the two chairs to support a mannequin in a seated pose. Makes the display more interesting


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