Our blog attracts creative people from all over the world. Last month we received the following email from a Dutch based artist. 

“During surfing on the internet I looked on your site en was
amazed from the art I saw. Art with mannquins, which I make too in Holland. The little ones, which I make now are things where you can hang something on it. Towels , keys ore something else. Its just a hobby but many people like it her.I ‘m a little bit bold, so I thought I send you some pictures from Dutch mannequin art;-)) With kind regards, Renee vd Oest”

The items created by this artist certainly is a “dutch treat.”  We are thrilled to see that upcycling mannequins is becoming a popular trend around the world. Earlier this year we wrote about an exhibition in India called “the silent shall speak” featuring mannequin art, many of which made a political statement.

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7 years ago


I would love to have one of these painted female torsos with pop art design.
Please mail me if you are able to help out.


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