Need an affordable centerpiece idea for your next event? Think: styrofoam wig heads.
 Picture 7
Styrofoam wig heads make a great base for a floral craft. You don’t have to be a professional florist to make a beautiful centerpiece with your favorite real or fake flowers.
Picture 8

These decorated styrofoam wig heads were created by florist Ron Johnson of The NEST in Springfield, Missouri that I discovered on Pinterest, but the company website is no longer active.

Picture 6These “creative coifs” appeared online and went viral after being photographed at an event. Creative and unique hand made crafts like these are eye catching and memorable. You can find more examples of designs like this on our mannequin heads as flower pots and vases board here on Pinterest. 

Picture 5

The more unusual your design, the better. You can use anything you can stick into styrofoam or glue onto a wig head to create a custom design for your centerpiece.


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