For budget friendly ideas for your Halloween/Haunted House displays, we’ve created this Pinterest board.

The board contains over 100 images we have found online of the most unique DIY displays people have created using mannequins and mannequin parts.



Our mannequin boneyard – where we sell distressed mannequins and mannequin parts – at deeply prices is where at lot of DIY’ers find what they need to create these displays.

For example, a mannequin that is too beat up or mannequin for a retail store can be painted a spooky color and draped in fabric and becomes a prop like this:



One of the most budget friendly Halloween display ideas are done with mannequin hands.




We have a big bin of mannequin hands so  you can re-create displays like these.



Our Pinterest board has ideas for retail store windows like this:


or this:6

One of the most popular DIY halloween displays involve these used mannequin legs we sell for $30-$40 a pair.



If you have a unique Halloween display you have created using mannequin parts, enter it in our DIY contest to win $200 in prizes.