If you want to DIY your own dress form Christmas tree, this style is one that is fast and easy to make. No special tools are needed and even a beginning crafter can whip this out in a little over an hour.

This style of tree looks like a holiday cocktail dress so that it is why it is called the Sexy Style of dress form Christmas tree. These are all made using a wire dress form. And after the holidays are over you can remove the decoration and use the wire form for another purpose.

Below are examples of trees that were made by DIYer’s who used this tutorial for real garland and this tutorial for faux garland. Both  tutorials are $10 from Mannequin Madness.

As you can see, Dress Form Trees are like snowflakes, no two are alike, even when using the same tutorial.  If you don’t need a tutorial, but just need a wire dress form you can buy them here.



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