Ever notice how the mannequins in window displays in high end retail stores appear to standing without any visible means of support? Well there is a special technique to making this happen and it is called “striking a mannequin.”

Striking a mannequin simply means to make a mannequin appear to be standing without the support of a base by using wire.  You can also use this technique if you have purchased a mannequin and it is missing a stand.

Below are written instructions and following that is a video which shows how it is down.

You will need to attach the wire to nails that will be hammered into the flooring. Hardware stores such as Home Depot sells a nail that
is double headed. You also need a 20 gauge wire, a wire that is too thin will not be strong enough to support the mannequin.

It will be easier to accomplish this task with two people, one as the mannequin holder and the other as the striker.

Take the wire while still on the spool, place under foot and pull approx. 120″, double the wire. Wrap the wire around the screw at the back of the mannequin.

Place the mannequin in the desired spot, have the striker spread the wires while touching the floor with the wire. The holder should slightly let go of the mannequin to check for balance.

You will need 2 nails, one for each end of the wire. You will have to find the wire placement which will allow the mannequin not to fall forward or backward.

Once that is accomplished, place the nails in those spots. Hammer the nail partially into the floor, wrap the end of wire around nail, finish hammering in the floor. If tight, it will sound almost like a guitar string. Repeat the same action with the other end of wire. There should be excess wire (always best to have more than less) Cut away the excess.

The last step should be to paint out the wire with the same color of the floor and back wall to give the illusion that the mannequin is free standing.

Here is a video we created to show you how it’s done.


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