Many retailers prefer the style of dress forms that Anthropologie uses in their windows. Their forms hang from a hook at the neck.  Most dress forms attach to the stand via pole that goes in the bottom of the form.

The “Anthropologie” style forms seem to float in the window, which give  an ethereal quality. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it is much easier to display pants on the form.

While we can’t say that what we sell is the exact brand of dress form that Anthropologie uses, but we do know that what we sell here is the exact same style. It is a jersey covered form with a chrome neck cap.

Just like the Anthropologie dress forms, you can adjust the stand to various heights. Plus there is a nice wide sturdy metal base that is ideal for displaying shoes or accessories on it.

The forms we sell range in size from size 2 to size 18/20 .

And we have children’s forms as well as men’s.

If Anthropologie is one of the retailers whose window displays you want to mimic, check out this article on our blog which has tips on how some of them are designed.


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