Here are are five favorite DIY ghost displays using styrofoam mannequin heads with links to the tutorials to show you how to make them. And you can buy a pack of 5 styrofoam heads for $35 at Mannequin Madness here.

1 This tutorial uses packing tape and trash bags to create this floating ghost.

2  You can make life size human ghost with this tutorial  by incorporating chicken wire

3 If you have a small space how about these  ghosts coming out of picture frames

4. Or this ghost floating head that rests on a table or ledge.5 And here are some Ghost Floating Heads that you can display outdoors

For more ideas on using mannequin heads and mannequin parts for Halloween, check out our Halloween Pinterest board.

And we have a huge variety of styles of styrofoam mannequin heads for sale at Mannequin Madness.



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