Why default to putting your jewelry on a black velvet bust form when they are so many other options that can enhance your display? Here are five ways to make your jewelry displays stand out

1 Go for drama – look at this eye-catching way of using a mannequin head and mannequin limbs.   A whopping 8 pieces of jewelry  are on display in a very small space and it doesn’t look overly crowded.

x12 Do the unexpected – An expensive necklace on a dog mannequin will get noticed because it catches people by surprise. (and people love dogs)


3 Be Bold – choose forms with unusual shapes and textures as a backdrop for your jewelry instead of the standard black velvet or black leather bust forms. We line of jewelry forms that we import from Southeast Asia which are made out of natural fibers and textures.

mannequin jewelry

4 Create emotion – In this display it appears as if the hands are poised to clasp the necklace around someone’s neck. This makes it much easier for the viewer to imagine the necklace going around their neck.


5 Go for Repetition – The series of wooden articulated mannequin hands creates a more dynamic look than if just one or two hands were used.


Bonus Idea : Go Big- Small pieces of jewelry can often get lost in a window but you can help them stand out like in this display below. Adding the black ribbon on the dress forms helps to guide the eye to notice the jewelry. 
For more ideas like this visit our Jewelry Displays board on Pinterest.


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