Most mannequins on the market are designed are 5’11” and sometimes that is just too tall for certain types of clothing displays. Especially vintage clothing. Fortunately we have two styles of female mannequins which are petite in stature.

First is this one who is part of our Gabriella collection – a popular choice for museums or retail stores that want a minimalist look.

Her measurements are:

Shoulder 16”

Bust 31″

Waist 24″

Hip 34″

Foot 8.5″

Height 66”

The  mannequins in mannequins in the Gabriella collection looks like this:

And their measurements are:

Bust 31″

Waist 24″

Hip 33.5″

Height 6′ 2″

We also have a realistic female mannequin called Linda, she has formed hair but you could put a wig on her to give her a more vintage look. She is also 5’5”.

If you need a male that is short in stature, we have two here.


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