Here are some inspiring images from our Pinterest board on crafters and makers are upcycling mannequin dress forms into their own personal earth angel for their home or store.

We sell new and used dress forms at Mannequin Madness and more and more of our customers are using dress forms not for displaying clothing but for making art projects like angels.

Kinda of like snowflakes, no two angels are alike. And they are made on all types and sizes of dress forms.  We are offering a 10% discount on all of our dress forms. Just type in the code ANGEL at check out.

Some angels are made on miniature size dress forms

Some are on life size dress forms that a seamstress would use –

Some on are a table top dress form

Some create angels to adorn their Dress Form Christmas tree.

But most have their angels appear all year round. The wasp waist style dress form give the angel a “vintage” look.

For more examples of DIY Angels on Dress Form visit our Pinterest board.


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