A handmade Frida Kahlo inspired Headdress is the perfect accessory to wear if you are going to a  Cinco de Mayo event.

Or rocking one of the Forever 21 T-shirts with Frida’s image on the front


At Mannequin Madness we have a few of styles of Friday Kahlo Headdress for sale which were made by Bay Area artist, Taramae Scott (@madebyTaramae).  Note, we got into the floral dress business because we sell mannequin heads and they are a perfect canvas for designing floral headdresses.

Some of the headdresses feature braided hair extensions woven in the flowers, just like Frida did.


Others have colorful paper flowers like you see at Mexican themed celebrations.


You can buy these here at Mannequin Madness in Oakland. Or you can come to one of our Floral Crown workshops class or book a private party and make your own.


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