The year is starting off with a bumper crop of used Rootstein mannequins on the market.

A small lingerie store in SF closed down and had four vintage Rootsteins for sale. (The Tracy Leigh with the glass eyes in the front is already on her way to a new home)

A casino in Las Vegas is reducing their retail space and asked me to sell their collection of TWENTY SEVEN mannequins including 3 males and 2 seated females.

I am flying to Vegas in 2 weeks to load them in a truck and bring them to my warehouse in Oakland.

My warehouse is already packed (so many retailers closing) so I would love to pre-sell as many I can now and ship them out as soon as I get back.

I only have full body shots of the mannequins in Vegas. But trust me they are in EXCELLENT condition as they were the window displays below.

The images are on this google link:…/AF1QipOrPdfL_KmwLL9dwace7LhZrFU…

Each mannequin is identified by a letter of the alphabet. The vintage mannequins that I have in Oakland (two are franken’s) are identified by their collection and I have multiple images of them.

If you are able to make a decision to buy with the photos I have, you get first dibs AND I will include a wig. And since there are more mannequins than stands available, the first people to buy will get the option of having a stand.

If you see something you like, send me your offer. The going rate on the Vegas mannequins is $600. On a case by case basis I will accept less if you decide NOT to get a wig, stand or base.

The person who has the highest offer and pays first (no layaways this time unless you are buying 3 or more) wins the sale.

A few of them have already sold and I posted the purchase price. A few have “pending sale” because someone expressed interest but hasn’t paid yet. If they haven’t paid by next week, the mannequin is up for grabs.

Shipping is $70 (shipping costs have gone up)


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