At my local Target store I saw this plus size mannequin on display.


Think about the last time you saw a plus size mannequin. Typically they are fully covered in some matronly looking outfit and in the back of the store where plus size clothing are usually displayed 

Not out front and center stage like this one – and wearing a bra top – as outer wear, not underwear.

While the body positivity movement has been growing, primarily due to the efforts of plus size bloggers and instagrammers. 

But what really caused an increase in the use of plus size mannequins was Rihanna with her Fenty lingerie and clothing line which she displayed on plus size models and mannequins.

And Lizzo.

Although she doesn’t have a clothing line (yet) Lizzo is the game changer about what is considered “appropriate” clothing for plus size women to wear.

Our plus size mannequins  from our “Abby” collection are in confident, bold, sexy poses and are now being used in a variety of retail stores.

More retailers want to inclusivity in their store displays and have at least one plus size mannequin in their line up. This was never a consideration in the past. At Mannequin Madness we have sold plus size mannequins and dress forms for over 20 years.  But it has only been in the last five years that there has been an uptick in their popularity.


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