Italian designers Dolce and Gabbana featured gorgeous and elaborate floral crown headdress as their recent fashion shows.

While some of them elaborate and were purely for theatrical effect and only for the catwalk.

Others were quite practical and something that can be worn IRL by women of all ages, like this one Helena Christensen wore in the show.

You could spend thousands of dollars for a floral crown headdress by Dolce and Gabanna like this one or this one

Or spend less than $200 for a floral crown headdress like this one we made at The Headdress Workshop for one of our celebrity clients, Shelia Coates, owner of BYOB unlimited.  Here she is wearing it at the NAACP image awards party.

And here she is wearing it when she received a Living Legend award for her work in the entertainment industry.

If you look closely you can see where the flowers in the headdress perfectly complemented the colors of the flowers in her skirt.

And because we use life life faux flowers this is a headdress that can be worn over and over again. Because a floral headdress is a timeless look.

Check out this floral headdress that actress Fran Drescher worn to the Golden Globes in 1996!

So needless to say, a floral crown headdress is a must have fashion accessory. You can buy one of our custom made ones here. Or if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area you can come to our headdress class and design your own in just 2 hours, using a glue gun and our amazing selection of life life faux flowers.


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