Since we’re “sheltering in” here in Cali, we’re feeling a bit claustrophobic so the idea of flying lightly away like a butterfly definitely appeals to us.

At our floral crown headdress classes, we have other embellishments besides faux flowers and butterflies are one of the most popular choices.

We have butterflies in a range of sizes and colors.

The first four images in this blog post are women who made their headdress in our class.

According to the web site, Animal Symbolisms, Facts and Meanings, one of the most common symbolism for butterflies “is one pertaining to growth and progress. It teaches us to be aware of the heights we could reach, and to consciously work towards the summit.

After all, only through trials can we really taste the sweetness of victory.” The site adds that the butterfly also symbolizes “moving out of our comfort zones. Just like progress, this isn’t always easy.” 

So, the butterfly image can clearly represent this global moment in time as we are all operating out of our comfort zones due to COVID-19.

This butterfly themed headdress that Beyonce is wearing is an example of looking victorious.

Wearing a butterfly-themed headdress at this time could bring lots of spiritual and personal satisfaction to you. Making one later could be a fitting reminder of the trials and sacrifices of the virus pandemic and what it took to reach successful outcomes.

If you are inspired by these looks, you can get it at The Headdress Workshop, Oakland, CA. You can either make your own at one of our weekly floral crown classes or our designer, Hector Villacorta, can custom create one for you.

All of our headdress are made with life-like faux flowers so you can wear the headdress over and over. Visit us at

For other examples of butterfly themed headdresses check out this Pinterst board.


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