This week, we’re featuring succulent-themed headdresses. The current pandemic requires us to emote strength and that’s just what succulents symbolize.

Wearing a succulent-themed headdress at this time or creating one while you are quarantined could be a fitting reminder of the strength and determination it took from all of us to live through this pandemic.

Succulents are plants that store water in their thick leaves and stems. Becausethey are so hardy during many different climates and weather conditions that create a lack of water, succulents represent strength and determination. That hardiness pays off. They grow slowly but they survive most conditions that other plants cannot.

In Feng Shui, succulent plants symbolize money and gold. They also representenduring and timeless love, which is a perfect symbol for engagements and weddings. 

The headdresses in this blog post are from this Pinterest board.  We aren’t sure if the succulents are real or faux like the ones we offer in our headdress workshop classes in Oakland.

We prefer to use life-life faux succulents, flowers and foliage because then you can wear the headdress over and over.

If you are inspired by these looks, you can get it at The Headdress Workshop, Oakland, CA. You can either make your own when our weekly floral crown classes resume after our self-sheltering period is over. Or our designer, Hector Villacorta, can custom create one for you.


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