Mannequins and mannequin parts are canvas for all kinds of cute and campy art projects. And the results are not only decorative but functional as well.

Since so many retailers are closing locations there is going to be a bumper crop of used mannequins on the market. Mannequin Madness is  the leading mannequin recycler in the country and we feel it is our responsibility to show examples of how mannequins can be upcycled.

We want to see more mannequin upcycled into art projects instead of throw in the landfill because they are no longer needed for displaying clothing.

This project was created by Kyana Holzman a crafting queen based in Oakland, Ca. Kyana specializes in budget friendly crafting projects that are easy.

The video explains it all. Just make sure that when you get a mannequin leg that is is a hosiery leg that is open at the top. At the moment we have quite a few used ones here and new ones here.


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