This is my series devoted to the real life models who became Rootstein mannequins. The mannequins are also dressed in attire that provides a little bit of fashion history.

This is Cathie Shirriff from Superstar Series, pose code B1. Cathie Shirriff is a model, actress, notable appearances, film “All that Jazz” and television show “Ripley’s believe it or not”. A side note, 2 or 2 1/2 inch heels work well on this pose, anything higher and she lists to one side. The wig is vintage Susanne Victor.

Rootstein Mannequin, Cathie Shirriff styled in vintage Halston pantsuit, Alexander McQueen blouse, Worth belt, and vintage shoes.

This is Maxine Renshall from Snap Shots Series, pose code SN2 with 4 inch heel, circa 1987. The overall series worked well in Junior sportswear and young mens departments. The models in this series were supposed to be based on ballet dancers.

Maxine Renshall is styled in a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress, Stanley Korshak bag, Pollini shoes, semiprecious stone necklace and vintage earrings.

This is Violetta Sanchez, BarBelles Series, pose code BB32 (low heel) circa 1990. The BarBelles Series was released in two catalogs, subtitled “Glamour 90’s” these had 4″ heel feet pose codes BB1 through BB12, and “Shaping the 90’s” these had 1″ heel feet, pose codes BB 21 through BB32. The series featured 12 poses of models from Australia, England, Venezuela and Spain.

Violetta Sanchez is a model and actress.

Rootstein mannequin, Violetta Sanchez, styled in Andrea Odicini top, Paolo Tonali pants, Lanvin hightops, Celine bag and vintage pearl earrings.

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