Many venues in the US are still deciding what to do regarding social distancing at sporting events. But sports teams in other parts of the globe have already found a solution: Cardboard Mannequins.

Here are two of the most compelling examples, all of which can be duplicated with the Cardboard Mannequins we provide at Mannequin Madness.

Even when German fans are stuck at home, they can still be seen in the stadium.Around 13,000 cutouts filled the stands in of a soccer match.

Their fans took pictures at home in a shirt or scarf and paid 19 euros ($20.70) to be turned into one of the “Pappkameraden” or “cardboard companions.” Season-ticket holders have their cutout placed in their usual spot.

“When players go through the tunnel and you see those supporters in the tribunes, you have the feeling someone is watching you,”said the head of communications and media for the soccer team.

“It’s a good feeling for the players. It’s fun. It’s a statement by the fans that they want to be with the team. It’s a statement for us: The fans are part of the game.”

In Taiwan, spectators were banned from attending baseball games during the coronavirus pandemic. But that didn’t mean that the players had to play in an empty stadium

Their stadium was filled with a range of styles of cardboard mannequins – from “photographers’ to fans holding signs added a touch of realism to the crowd of people. From a distance it almost appears as if the crowd is real.

They even had dog and cat mannequins in the stands.

Cardboard mannequins are inexpensive (compared to a regular fiberglass mannequin) and can either be from the waist up or the full body.

Both styles are available to be customized into any image of your choosing – male and female in all ages, ethnicities and sizes. Our bulk pricing starts at 20 units and goes up to 1,000 units.


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