Since COVID19 has virtually halted the use of live models, there has been an increased demand for ghost mannequins by online retailers for their photoshoots.

In the past few weeks we have shipped these ghost mannequins to a wide variety of large online retailers (including the big A). But they don’t want us publicize their names because they don’t want to alienate the relationship with their models.

Here is the advantage of using ghost mannequins versus traditional mannequins or dress forms.

Ghost mannequins give apparel a 3D hollow effect and make the clothes appear as if they are floating on the page.

A ghost mannequin has removable arm, chest and leg pieces so the mannequin is not visible in shot –

So the effect is you get a human form, but the human is not visible.

While some retailers prefer this look over a live model because the focus is only on the clothes. But the fact that you can’t showcase any personality or lifestyle of the wearer in the image, is a disadvantage.

That is why ghost mannequins will never replace live models all the time, but they are the #1 alternative to use when models are unavailable.

Usually it’s impossible to create this look without a great deal of post-processing or clever image compositing techniques — but using a ghost mannequin you can bring the inside of your clothes to life without the need for Photoshop.

Our Ghost mannequins are available in a variety of sizes and choices of stands. So many retailers have been ordering this that some of our most popular styles are on backorder.

For information on how to use ghost mannequins we have several tutorials here:


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