This is my ongoing series about Rootstein Mannequins to provide a comprehensive online guide about all of the mannequins they produced. This information was complied from a private collector who has over 100 Rootstein Mannequins in his home. He was formerly a visual merchandiser and has a wide range of experience about mannequin history.

Here are two mannequins my collector purchased from me recently. To me they look like identical twins.

The one with one arm up is Ailar pose code TEM5 from Temptation Series circa 2010. The other is Lee, pose code SE23 from Secrets II Series, circa 2008. I call them and along with the rest of the mannequins I acquired when I got them: The Stepford Wives.

Here is why: There are part of the 27 Rootstein mannequins (3 males and 24 females) I acquired from a casino in Las Vegas. In the case of the females, regardless of facial features (there were two Asian mannequins) they had the exact same skin and makeup.

But looking back at the codes on hardware, the mannequins were not all ordered at the same time.

My collector has a theory that I agree with about why these look ‘Stepford’ as in practically no difference between models.

A casino has no clocks, windows or any connection to outside world just lots of flashy lights, sounds, etc… The Rootstein mannequins are designed to blend into the environment, not attract a lot of attention.

And they all have a very sexy look. They have a heavy smokey eye shadow that hugs the eye lid and doesn’t raise, a gloss of the eyeball (light wet look) and the high gloss lipstick that has a hidden liner for a fuller plumped look.

I understand how a retailer might want a consistent look for their mannequins, but these, seem a little too creepy Stepford like for my tastes. What do you think?

If you want to buy a Rootstein mannequin, we frequently have used ones for sale here. You can also sign up to receive an email the next time we get more used Rootstein mannequins in stock or follow us on Facebook.


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