This is my series devoted to the real life models who became Rootstein mannequins.

This is Mounia Oroseman. According to urban legend she was working the the Air France ticket counter in her home country of Martinique when Hubert de Givenchy discovered her.

Givenchy put her in one of his fashion shows but when one of his patrons expressed her disgust at seeing a black model, he dropped her. She then went on to work with designers such as Ungaro and Karl Lagerfeld. When Lagerfeld first took over Chanel, she became the first black model to present the Chanel collection.

But Mounia is the most well known as being the muse and close friend to designer Yves Saint Laurent. She was always in his haute couture shows and he considered her his favorite model.

The Rootstein version of her was released in the 1980’s in the collection Mounia and the Posers.

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