An EGOT is a person who has won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. Only 15 people have earned this distinction and Rita Moreno is the only Latina woman who is an EGOT. Her role in West Side Story is iconic. And considering that Hollywood has historically and continues to underutilize Latina actresses, it is amazing that she has had such a full career.

Let me explain why Rita came to our warehouse. Normally I would have a photo as proof that she was here, but because she was dressed in COVID-19 fashions – head covering, gloves, mask- you would not recognize her anyway. She promised to send a photo of her standing beside the mannequin in her home. This photo below will have to be a stand in.

Rita and her assistant Christine had been shopping online while self-sheltering and she noticed this decoupage torso I had for sale on the Mannequin Madness website and Etsy. When they saw that product was made locally, (Rita lives in Berkeley) they gave me a call and asked for Kyana Holzman​.

Kyana is the very talented Oakland artist that I had been working with on various art projects with recycled mannequins. I come up with the ideas and Kyana has the skills to bring those ideas of life.

I had always liked the idea of using old pattern to decoupage a mannequin torso. Kyana made three different versions and they were all lovely. Rita liked all of too, but asked it we could make one with a few modifications.

This phone call happened when I was deep in the COVID-19 blues, so her request was like a ray of sunshine that brighter days were ahead. When we discovered that Rita (and her daughter Fernanda) would come to our warehouse to pick up the finished project -instead of having us ship to her – Kyana and I were besides ourselves with joy.

I downloaded Rita’s autobiography on Audible and I have even more admiration for her, because of WHO she is, not just her endless talent. But can you believe she is in her 80’s and still getting roles on tv??

When Rita and Fernanda (a jewelry designer) arrived today they didn’t just pick up the mannequin and go. They took the time to tour the warehouse, engage in conversation and were genuinely interested in all the creative projects we have here – especially our floral crown headdresses. So nice to be appreciated by other artists.

Since they had arrived much earlier than expected, Kyana wasn’t here yet but was on her way. Rita decided to sit down and wait because she wanted to meet Kyana and thank her personally. What a kind and gracious thing to do! – no DIVA like attitude. And she kept her word and sent me a photo her beside the mannequin in her home.

If you made it this far in the post, thanks for reading and giving me a chance to gloat. I am always happy when I get a customer who buys our custom art projects. But when that customer is an EGOT who is nice and personable, that is something to celebrate! #RitaMoreno

Here is a photo of Kyana from a video we were shooting in our warehouse of the newest mannequin torso that she decoupaged. That is why she is wearing a mask. If you also want a decoupage torso, you can see what Kyana has made here or she can make a custom one for you.