Dress Form Christmas trees are an alternative style of holiday decorating that appeals to fashionistas of all ages.

Plus after the holiday’s are over you can remove the decoration and use the dress form to display clothing/jewelry.

Or you can repurpose the dress form to use for other seasonal decoration like this:

While there are lots of Youtube videos on how to make a Dress Form Christmas tree most of them do not offer detailed instructions. Or provide information on the various ways to customize decorate them.

This might be okay for an experienced crafter, but for those needing additional support Mannequin Madness is hosting zoom classes with our design team. The class is $30 for 90 minutes.

Our design team has been making these trees for over a decade-  first to retail stores and then to private individuals. They have tips, tricks and shortcuts to share and have worked on almost every style of dress form imaginable (not all are created equal) 

We started pinning images of Dress Form Christmas trees WAAY back in 2013 on our our Pinterest board. This created a deluge of requests from people who were buying dress forms from us if we had information to give them on turning them into Dress Form Christmas Tress.

Since are the mannequin experts, they hoped we would be the expert at mannequin crafting projects too. (Yes we are)

We released a super easy digital tutorial for $1.99  that was based on the style of Dress Form Christmas trees that were popular at the time which looked like this:

But then when we pinned this image on our Pinterest board,

The trend changed and people wanted a more elaborate version. So we created this tutorial we called the Grand Diva. Because the dress form looks like a woman  wearing a ballgown and she commands attention wherever it is placed.  Whether indoors or outdoors.

But a good friend of mine prefers a “sexy cocktail party dress” for the holidays instead of a ballgown, asked if we could do something in that style. Plus she wanted to display it in a small space and needed something more compact. So we created this digital tutorial

And lastly one of our affiliates who is a landscaper created a tutorial for a Dress Form Christmas tree that can be placed outside  – even in a harsh climate like Illinois  where they are based.

So needless to say, we are versed in a wide variety of styles of Dress Form Christmas trees. And we have simplified the process so that even the person who thinks they are not crafty or creative can make one.

The digital tutorials provide step by step instructions with lots of photos and for some people that is sufficient.  But now that zoom classes are part of the culture (one positive thing from
 2020) we decided this could be a way to offer more support for those who may need a little help getting started.

 Plus since we can’t gather in person it is fun to gather with like minded women (men are welcome too) who love the holidays.

When you take the zoom class you a few bonus items a discount on our dress forms as well as discounts on holiday decor for one of our favorite vendors.  And the tutorial is free.

Ready to sign up? Click this link. Also check out our Crafty Fun with Mannequins Facebook group.