There are people who have dogs and there are people who have fur babies. Both groups often spare no expense for their dogs to have the best of everything. But usually fur baby owners are a little bit extra.

Shopping for them at traditional pet themed places is not going to uncover something unique to buy for them. Cause they are already have everything and more.

 But if you shop at an unexpected place -like Mannequin Madness – we have several unique products in a range of prices.

On the high end of the price spectrum we have chrome or fiberglass dog mannequins in a variety of breeds.

Our customers use them no only as a decorative object but functional too. They can put their dog’s leash on it or a sweater. These Labrador puppies are our best sellers. People like having them on the desk at home or at work

On the more budget end of the spectrum are these ornaments for $12.00 made by Living Karma.

They look just as cute dangling from the rear view mirror of your car as they do hanging from a Christmas tree.

I don’t even own a dog and I fell in love with these hand embroidered fur baby pillows from India for $60. They also from Living Karma.


I bought them to display on the couch in my office. When customers saw them and asked to buy them I started to carry them on my website.

They were in my office because on the weekends we turn the photo studio in our mannequin warehouse into Furtography Pet Pics. Our photo session is 50 photos in 45 minutes with the the dog posing among our unique custom props.

So if you are buying a gift for someone who lives in the Bay Area, consider buying them a gift certificate  for a photo session. The photos are truly instaworthy.


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