When was the last time you saw a mannequin that looked like a mature adult? Probably never.

Rootstein, always the industry pioneer, released three mannequins that were “mature” looking. But unfortunately very few retailers purchased the mannequins.

The first was the Aristocrats Series, circa 1969. Laurie Newton Sharp was the mannequin and she was featured three poses, the pose codes AG7 , AG8 and AG9 . Laurie, wasn’t a model but worked for Harrod’s in the press office. In 1966 she was featured in Tatler magazine and was featured on best dressed lists.

Read more about Laurie here

The next series was in early 1970’s and featured Colonel and Mrs. Lewis who were billed as a “woopy” (well-off older people) couple in their 60s.

However look at how much older the man looks compared the the female. He has wrinkles and graying hair, she does not. My post tomorrow goes into more detail about the real Col and Mrs Lewis mannequins.

The female is “January Dickson” from Calendar Girls Series has make up was applied to make her look more mature than she really was at the time+2

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