Getting a dress form or mannequin for free or at a bargain price at a garage sale or craigslist is only a good deal if it comes with a stand. Because if it doesn’t have a stand, finding one that will fit it perfectly is not such an easy task.  There is not a one size fits all when it comes to stands for mannequins and dress forms.

If you are able to determine the manufacturer of your mannequin (many brand name mannequins have the company name stamped on the bottom of the foot, head or butt) that is the best bet for getting a replacement stand. But often if you are lucky enough to find the name of the manufacturer on the mannequin, the company may no longer be in business.






Here is the good news – Mannequin Madness has a range of stands available for both mannequins and dress forms. But the stands we have for sale will fit approximately 75% of the mannequins and forms on the market.

If your mannequin has a hole in the foot, there is a strong possibility this mannequin stand below will work  – for male, female and even children’s mannequins. It is very lightweight gauge metal, so if you have a vintage mannequin – which tends to be heavier than newer mannequins, you might need to add a weight of some kind for additional support.

mannequin stand for a mannequin with a hole in the foot

But if your mannequin has a hole in the calf, the chances decrease significantly that this stand will work. This stand comes with both the calf rod and foot rod attachment and works primarily for newly produced mannequins from China.

mannequin stand for mannequin with hole in calf

When it comes to stands for dress forms, the odds are better. While the diameter of the hole underneath the form can vary in size, as long is the hole is not teeny tiny, most of the stands we offer can fit  (or can be rigged to fit). We have a range of styles from contemporary  metal to antique looking caster iron ones with wheels as well as the traditional wood stands.

wood stand for french style dress form
metal stand for a dress form

On many of the stands a matching neck cap is included in the price.


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