A few years ago when the “metrosexual” male was all the rage, it was difficult to find a big and tall male mannequin. If they were tall, they were super skinny.

But now there has been an explosion in the options of big and tall male mannequins and we have lots of choices for you at Mannequin Madness. 

If you want to display a costume (think Incredible Hulk) check out our body builder mannequins. 


Many of our athletic series mannequins, like our football players,  are also larger than the average male mannequin (sometimes in bulk, not so much in height) And we also have  two versions of muscular guys holding a kettlebell.

But if you need a non-athletic looking big and tall mannequin we have those too. 

We also some with realistic faces. One has a bald head that you can put a wig on or leave bald and the other one has formed hair.

We also have headless big and tall mannequins available in black or white finish. And if you need ghost mannequins for your online photography, we have them available in big and tall sizes.

And since not all big and tall men are young and muscular, we also have a “mature” looking one.