On the Facebook Group Vintage Mannequins Facebook someone had a question about Rootstein stands/flanges. I asked my friend/colleague/customer who is the source of information for my Rootstein mannequin series to offer his insights on this topic.

There are four types of Rootstein flanges/rods which you can see here.

1, Square calf / ankle rod flange, the angled square pole has a small round pole that fits into flange. The mannequin’s with this feature, have a port on back of calf to accommodate the rod

2. Round threaded pole that fits into side of a calf. This flange puts the ankle rod at an angle.

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3. Bum pole flanges, the traditional round rod flange, and the square bum rod, the square bum seems to have disappeared in early 1980’s.

4. Foot spike round threaded pole. Also calf rod if threaded pole fits straight up into the calf, versus angled. Threaded bum poles circa 1970’s also fit this flange.

If you are missing a stand for your Rootstein mannequin, you used to be able to order a replacement directly from Rootstein. But since they were purchased by Bonaveri, replacement parts are hard to come by.

Other sources are used mannequin vendors (like us), or Ebay or the Vintage mannequins Facebook page.

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