The idea of using a mannequin or a mannequin part as a canvas for arts and crafts projects continues to grow.  The latest trend is using a product called WoodUBend on a mannequin to create amazing art. Here are our favorite steampunk inspired versions.

The WoodUbend products are mouldings that have the properties of wood & adhere to any surface or shape. Traditionally these moldings have been applied to furniture, cabinets and ceilings. Like this:

But now people are adhering them to mannequins.We couldn’t be more delighted! Cause these means more of our used mannequins we have for sale will be Upcycled into beautiful projects likes the ones here.

The company that manufactures WoodUBend products is based in the U.K.  They sell stencils, pigment and patinas too. 

 They have distributors all over the world which you can find here. If you are in California like we are, check out these two distributors in Northern California.

Vintage Paint and Plaster

The Find

To see the video of how one like this (in a different color ) was created, check out this YouTube video

For more examples check out our WoodUBend mannequin board on Pinterest.

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