The Drama Diva series from Rootstein is one of my personal favorites. The series, featured Jade Parfitt, Irene Major, Ulla van Zeller, Laiane Lorenzoni, Asta and Nairi.

This is Nairi pose code DI10, from Drama Divas Series, Circa 2005

Nairi was also featured on Vivienne Westwood, London billboard advertising about the time of her mannequin debut, Spring 2005ish.

Nairi styled in Escada for Neiman Marcus 100th Anniversary dress, circa 2007, Prada for Neiman Marcus 100th Anniversary shoes, circa 2007. Vintage coin earrings and necklace.

I am in the process of compiling and organizing all my Rootstein posts and catalogues on this Pinterestboard to make it easier for you to find information about a specific girl or series. 

Also if you are looking for a used Rootstein mannequin be sure to sign up here to receive updates when we get more inventory.


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