These fabulous showgirl costumes are on display in the lobby of The Theatre in Reno. 

The curator of the exhibition, Mistinguette consulted with Mannequin Madness for input on which mannequins would fit her needs. She had some very specific needs.

This was her initial email to us:

“We are looking for 5 different posed mannequins for a lobby gallery in our theatrein Reno that will open 1st of July.

They will be dressed in costumes that are vintage Las Vegas style costumes from the Las Vegas stages so, we are looking for a perfect fit to our costumes we are displaying.”

Below is ongoing Q&A we had to give you an idea of the type of things to consider when displaying costumes.

Question Do these style of mannequins have a “butt crack” for our showgirl g-strings to fit?

Answer: Most of the mannequins do have a butt crack. If you click on the photos on the website of the items you have selected you can see the back view. Then you can determine if the butt crack is visible enough for you. It will be more visible on white or tan mannequins than the black one. 

Question: Are the arm styles available to move into other positions such as up or down?

Answer: You can move the arms up and down, rotating them in the shoulder socket. BUT if you want the arms to be in a position other than what they were originally intended for, the arm connection will not be in alignment with the shoulder area. 

The arm might still be able to stay in place, despite being out of alignment. Normally the clothing would conceal where the arm is not in alignment, but that will not be the case with the type of costumes you are displaying.

Question: Are the arms interchangeable with like-styled mannequins? The hands? 

Answer: If you are getting mannequins from the same series (say all Gabriella mannequins) there is some degree of interchangeability depending upon the style you choose.

For example if you choose Gabriela #4 her shoulders are positioned in such a way that you will not be able to put the arms from Gabriella #14 on her and have it look right.

But arms from Gabriela  #1 and #9 are more easily interchanged. 

Mistinguette made her decision and a few months later sent me this email along with the photos.

“People love the displays… we just opened our first show to the public last Saturday. So happy to have your beautiful models in our room, the service and product is top quality.

If you are ever in Reno, be sure to stop by.


She purchased mannequins from these collections: Gabriella, Ebony and Avis.

On another note, while we can’t claim credit for this display of designer Yayoi Kusama’s clothing at a museum in Berlin —–

We wanted to show you another example of how mannequins can add to the visual impact of a costume/clothing display. Mannequins aren’t just clothes hangers, but an artistic tool.

Call us if for us to consult with you on mannequin needs for your costume display. (510 444 0650 or email at sales@mannequinmadness.com_


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