If you have seen images of Dress Form Christmas Trees on this Pinterest board or this Facebook group, our company, Mannequin Madness, is the reason why. We are promoting this concept of holiday decorating  (not just because we sell dress forms) but because it is an eco-friendly way to decorate.

How is it eco-friendly? Here are 3 reasons why:

1 A tree does not have to be cut down. And if you must have the smell of pine garland you can use the branches from a real tree to make the skirt instead of the faux garland we recommend. Better yet, you can use Christmas tree fragrance spray or candles that add a tree-like scent near your tree.

2 After the Christmas holidays are over you can remove all the decoration and then use the dress form to display your jewelry or clothing. (You can’t do that with a regular tree)

3 You can repurpose the skirt on the dress form tree with other seasonal decor and display it all year long. For example, Mardi Gras (more examples are here ). You can use the theme-decorated tree for special events as well e.g. weddings, quincenearas, etc.

Or a spring themed display for Easter (more examples are here)

And these links show how you can use them for fall-themed displays or patriotic displays. That is why we prefer to call them Dress Form Holiday Trees instead of Dress Form Christmas trees because they can be used all year round.

In addition to being eco-friendly, a Dress Form Christmas tree is fun and easy to make. When you decorate the top of the form you get to experience being a fashion designer (without having to sew). And the bottom of the skirt can be decorated like a traditional tree.

So now that you are excited about Dress Form Christmas tree, here are a list of resources to help you design yours.

1 Digital Tutorials 

There four different styles of Dress Form Christmas trees and  each can be styled in endless ways. Each digital tutorial is $1.99 and provides photos and step by step instructions to guide you

2 One Hour Class

If you want a little more instruction than a digital tutorial, take our live (not pre-recorded) zoom class where we demonstrate how to make one from start to finish followed by Q&A. And, if you buy a new or used dress form from us, the class is free! Otherwise, it is $25.

3 A Life Size Dress Form

Dress forms come in a wide variety of styles. We have selected the most popular ones for making a dress form tree here. Hint another way to make this an eco friendly project is to buy a second hand dress form like this one.

We have a storefront on Amazon with a list of vendors who can supply you with the other products needed to create and decorate your tree.

4 Chicken Wire to construct the skirt

5 Garland 

6  Deco Mesh is a wonderful tool to use for both the top and bottom part of the dress form tree. You can see examples of how it is used on a Dress Form tree here:

7 Angel Wings and Crowns

Some people like to accessorize their dress form with angel wings like you can see here or crowns on the neck cap like you can see here so we included some choices on the Amazon storefront.

Once you have the materials and some general instructions, you can let your holiday spirit and imagination take flight and design a tree that expresses what you want to express. This is the ultimate season of joy, love, peace and delight!

We’d love to see what you design, so please share it on our Facebook group. That is also the best place to ask us Dress Form Christmas Tree design questions (besides the zoom class).

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