1 A mannequin dress form is a versatile canvas for creating a life size decoration to celebrate  spring or Easter. You can use either a cloth-covered form or wire dress form like this one:

2 Whether you use fresh flowers or faux flowers, this decorating idea is perfect for a store window display, decoration at wedding/special event or just to have as a beautiful piece of  art in your home.

3 The popularity of Dress Form Christmas trees has lead to all kinds of creative ways of using a  dress forms for holiday decor. Now, with a little artistic handiwork, they can be designed to represent just about any holiday or special event all year round.  That is why we now call them Dress Form Holiday trees.

4 A dress form holiday tree is an “eco-friendly” way to decorate because it can be re-purposed over and over. And once you no longer want to use it for decoration, you can then use the form to display clothing or jewelry.

5  At Mannequin Madness we sell new and used dress forms in a variety of styles and sizes.

We also sell digital tutorials with step-by-step instructions and photos to guide you in making your own dress form holiday tree.

Sometimes we offer live demonstrations on Pinterest TV. We did a demo on this one below in March 2022 which you can watch here.

6 We always use faux flowers in our demos and tutorials because those are more user friendly than fresh flowers. And we want the display to last for more than a few days or weeks. But fresh flowers are stunning…..

7 For more examples of a dress form turned into a flower covered display for spring, visit this Pinterest board


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