Mannequins and mannequin torsos are the ideal elements to bring some extra “jazz” to your bedroom and closet. They can be purely aesthetic, mostly practical, or both. 

There are 3 basic ways that you can use mannequins and torsos in the bedroom/closet area – see below.

  1. Display Scarves & Jewelry

First, you can use a torso to display scarves, belts and jewelry. This is also practical because it reduces the space for those items, and you can use this strategy to display your favorite items or certain items that raise the overall “haute couture” look of your closet. These items will “glam it up,” as they say. 

Occasionally, you will find a unique mannequin piece like the one below. Lucky, you. You can mix clothing pieces with jewelry, belts, books, gloves, etc. to create a curated look. 

  1. Curate Potential Outfits 

Many stylists and fashion-conscious dressers use a mannequin or dress form as a “play space” to create whole outfits before wearing them. You can start with an outfit, then add and subtract various accessories (hat, jewelry, scarves) until you achieve the desired look. 

Then, it’s all about dressing into that curated outfit. If you love it, leave it there until you are ready to curate another outfit. Or remove it so you’ll have a blank canvas for your next outfit. 

And, if you like certain combinations of clothing and jewelry, leave them on your torso just for the joy they bring you.  

  1. Use Mannequins & Torsos as Décor

A mannequin torso has a beauty all its own. Add a lovely piece of clothing and you can evoke just the right ambiance for your bedroom. 

From classic…

…to pre-teen…

…to luxe…

…to vintage…

Whatever you do, make it speak clearly to who you are, or who you imagine yourself becoming.  For more ideas like this visit this Pintest board. And if you want to buy a new or used dress form please visit our website,


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