A wire mannequin dress form can used as trellis for flowers and foliage in the garden. Here are some of our favorite examples from our mannequins in the Garden Pinterest board.

1 This one looks like it is wearing a petticoat of flowers

2 This one looks like she is wearing a gown of flowers.

3 This one is a giant topiary with succulents and ivy.

4 This one is a combination art piece with the mosaic top and trellis.

5 Here is another topiary version.

6 This one looks she is wearing a mini-skirt.

7 The fact that this dress form is white makes it pop among all the foliage.

8 This one looks very complex to make but the results are worth it.

9 A less complex one is this one that is filled with air plants

For more ideas like this check out our Mannequins in the Garden board on Pinterest.


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