If you are hosting a fashion themed birthday party, bat mitzvah, bachelorette party or fundraiser the decorations have to be on point. Fashion about about making a statement and looking good.

To get your guests to go “ooh” and “aah” at the décor, here are 10 ways to repurpose a mannequin dress form into an instaworthy centerpiece, gift holder or room décor. These examples are from event planners from all over the world.  If you are inspired by these ideas, we can provide the dress forms. See discount coupon code in the last paragraph. 

1 Using the pink, black and white palette for her event, this event planner used a mannequin torso to create a cupcake stand. The mannequin fits nicely into the color scheme and helps project the style of the event.

2 Similarly, this torso is used as a centerpiece for a Breast Cancer luncheon fundraiser. Note how the more subtle color palette and ribbon create a different look.

3 A miniature mannequin torso combined with pearls, sunglasses, a Playbill, the infamous Tiffany box and a martini glass generate an entirely different ambiance…one of glam and glitz.

4 These dress forms draped in fabric make a dramatic centerpieces .Each table displays a slightly different design.

5 These mannequin forms in black add to the total impact of a Parisian theme…

6 …while this form with pink tulle and a Chanel belt surrounded by the Chanel boxes says “bling, bling, bling”…

7 Here is a dress form that is being used hang “goody bags” for guests to grab.

8 …while this one is used for guests to write their best wishes for the honoree…

9 …and this on displays photos of the Bat Mitzvah honoree.

10 And this one is used to display fashion illustrations.

For more ideas like this check out this Pinterest board. And if you want to purchase a mannequin dress form to create your own ideas, we are offering a discount on all our new and secondhand dress forms when you use the code MMBLOG at checkout.