Whether it’s Styrofoam, ceramic, fiberglass or some other texture, mannequin heads as planters bring a vibrancy to the space it’s sitting in. The facial expression of the mannequin head can also bring emotion or neutrality to the planter.

Besides the heads featured here, other examples can be found here on our Pinterest page.  If you are inspired by these ideas, we have new and used mannequin heads for sale at Mannequin Madness. At the end of this blog post is a discount coupon code you can use when you make a purchase.

What follows are 7 reasons you might want to create a planter using a mannequin head.

1 The Outdoor Garden

Let’s start with the outdoor garden, which can always use a little planter drama. The spiky succulent plant coming out of her head conjures up an image of Medusa.

2 In the photo below, this silent garden lady is placed nearby a garden bush so that her head is poking out with lovely succulents.

 (Helpful Hint: Succulents work well inside garden mannequin head planters as they usually require less watering than the plants on your automatic watering system. In fact, the water that splashes from your auto system onto them may be sufficient to keep the succulents in healthy condition, so no manual watering may be needed.)

3 This planter is made from a laughing mannequin head like this one we sell on our website.  Her raucous laugh mixed with colorful faux flowers and dangling earrings sets a light, amusing mood in the backyard, perfect for cookouts and other gatherings.

4 Indoor Spaces

A well-placed mannequin head planter can complement your home décor or bring a new decorative element to an indoor space.

This mannequin head planter features an ethnic look, and the trailing plant looks a bit like hair as braids or dreadlocks. Leftover tiles offer another texture resembling a headdress.

5 On the other hand, this mannequin planter offers an entirely different style. The contrasts of green ferns, white head and rocks, a red faux flower and a gold holder feels more modern and minimalistic. It’s certainly more colorful.

6 Garden Party

Imagine a lovely tea party in your garden, decorated with one or more mannequin heads planted with organic “hats” or fresh flowers from your garden in their heads.  You could even have a contest to see who makes the best “hat” or “headdress.” Both  mannequin heads bring an elegance to whatever you plant in its head.

7 Special Events

A fashion show, an art showing, a church dinner, a fundraiser…any special event can be elevated by a mannequin-head-turned-planter. Use the color palette of your event, or create something artistic, abstract, exciting, or daring to draw the guests into the event.

8 Your Own Mannequin Head Planter Project

By now, we hope that you’ve got an idea or two of your own to upcycle a mannequin head into a planter. We offer a tutorial on our website about how to create your own mannequin head planter.

And to encourage you, we are offering a discount on all our mannequinheads when you use the code MMBLOG at checkout. We love DIY projects so please send us a photo of your own mannequin head planter.


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