Mannequin legs. I don’t know who it was who first thought of using them to create tables but we’re sure glad that someone did. (Because we sell used mannequin legs that we recycle from retail stores)  

Besides the Mannequin Leg Tables featured here, more examples can be found here on our Pinterest page. 

1 Legs Upside down

When mannequin legs come as one piece, the top can serve as a base, allowing the legs to be used at the top. This often creates a more interesting table overall. In the photo above, the legs are used to create two tabletops. In the photo below, the legs as seen through the glass create a unique perspective…we rarely see the bottoms of mannequin feet.

2 Legs Right Side Up

Mannequin legs used right side up often create an illusion that the table just walked into the room. These 3 phots offer different perspectives on using the legs right side up.


3 Legs in Interesting Directions

Sometimes a special piece comes along – like this set of mannequin legs – with some legs flat on the floor and some raised and pointed outward. The overall effect is amazing and painting the legs and table edge gold serves to make the table base even more unified and spectacular.

Wow. Just wow.


In the photo below, someone brought whimsy and luxe to the creation by placing each set of the legs in different directions, as if there are two women, perhaps chatting to one another. If obviously maintains a steady balance (we think) and the high-gloss purple paint and unique heels only add to the “fab” vibe.

Source: Vickvanlian, Pinterest

4 Just Feet!

It’s a low-level coffee table so why not just feet? The feet, however, are flexing upwards, adding a high-end look to the low table. I can envision someone dining from this table on the floor barefoot in front of the TV watching reruns of “Sex in the City,” can’t you?

5 Only One Leg

Who says you need 4 or even 2 mannequin legs when one will do nicely? One leg is sufficient for a demilune table of this size. When all you have is 1 lemon, you make 1 glass of lemonade.

6 Mosaic Legs or What?

Not everyone has the skills to add mosaic tiles to mannequin legs but, if you do, why not? The artist here spent considerable time and effort designing and executing mosaic legs, then creating a table with them.


Do you have a special skill that would enhance a pair of mannequin legs – painting them, shellacking them, knitting, or crocheting over them, decoupaging them, adding WoodUBend to them???  

If you want to make your own mannequin leg table we are offering a 10% discount on any purchase. Just use the code  MMBLOG  at checkout.


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