Some of the most unique Halloween displays are DIY projects that involve the use of mannequins or mannequin parts.

True, we are a little biased because we sell new and used mannequins. But all biases aside, I am sure you will agree with us when you see the examples below from our Halloween board on Pinterest. On that board we have over 200 pins from creators from all over the globe. We have picked out our favorites from different categories.

Many of these ideas are easy to put together with household items you already have or can buy for inexpensively.

Wherever possible we credit the creator of the display or a link to the tutorial. If you see something that is yours, let us know and we will add your name. And if you have an idea you would like to share, email us a photo.

Halloween Displays with Mannequin Heads

Styrofoam mannequin heads and used cosmetology mannequin heads are a versatile canvas for all kinds of Halloween décor. 

For example, hanging a sheet or some cheesecloth over a mannequin head instantly creates a ghost. This Martha Stewart link describes how to make these cheesecloth “spirits.”

By adding fake teeth and paint, the styrofoam head below was transformed into a creepy skeleton head.

Another idea is to hollow out the head and use it as a container to serve food. And if the food is shrimp as in the example below, it seems like you are eating brains.

On this YouTube videoyou can see how putting a mannequin head upside down in a clear container filled with fluid, can be a creepy centerpiece.

Mannequin Arms and Hands for Halloween Displays

Mannequin hands and arms (we sell used ones here ) are small items that have a big impact.

 Below, it looks like your friend Rosemary was buried in the pot.

Or a group people are trying to escape from a closet

Or someone was dismembered as and shoved  in a drawer.

Mannequin Legs for Halloween Displays

Halloween displays about witches that only involves their legs are the easiest to do.

What is great about these displays is that they can be used indoors or outdoors. They can be funny or scary. And best of all, there’s nothing to carve or sew.

All you need are a pair of new or used mannequin legs, stockings and footwear.

Or you could get more elaborate and the witch can have a crash landing like this one.

The tutorial for making this is here.

Here is another idea way to use mannequin legs besides a witch display.

Full Body Mannequins for Halloween Displays

If you want to go all the way, a full used mannequin or mannequin torso for some of these ideas:

This eye on this mannequin was hollowed out and replaced with a light. The green paint and flowing garments gives her combination alien/ghost appearance.

A headless male mannequin is the perfect headless horsemen

Put a skull or a skull mask on a dress form.

It is little on the pricey side (as clear mannequins are hard to find used and expensive new) but is sure makes an impact

If you like any of the ideas here, we have USED MANNEQUINS and MANNEQUIN PARTS  for sale at Mannequin Madness.

Whatever you do, have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!