When you add a crown or tiara to a Dress Form Christmas tree, it can give it a regal aura.

The crown can either replace the neck cap, surround the neck cap or sit on top of the neck cap of a dress form.

Before purchasing  a crown, measure the neck size of your dress form and compare that to the circumference of the crown you want.

You want a decorative crown, not which is not necessarily the same size that a human would wear on their head.

But you can take a larger size crown and drape it over the neck of a dress form like this:

We have a list of vendors who sell crowns and tiaras our Amazon store here.

If you need a dress form or a step by step tutorial to show you how to make a dress form Christmas tree, list this link on our website. And you will get 10% off your purchase when you use the code MMBlog at checkout.

To see  beautiful dress form holiday trees all year long, follow our Facebook group, and you can post your design there as well. 


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