Birds are among the most common figural tree ornament for Christmas. Maybe it is because birds have religious symbolism as biblical messengers that bring God’s love and peace to the world. Birds are also symbolic of good luck and fortune.

Perhaps that is why birds are often incorporated in the design of a dress form holiday trees….or perhaps they just add beauty to the tree. Here are some of our favorite examples of dress form holiday trees with birds from our Pinterest board.

This tree features a red cardinal, a popular bird in winter climates. Its red coat of feathers nicely compliments the other red decorations.

Credit: Kathy Patages, Pinterest

Here is a different version of a wire dress form with a cardinal on the shoulder as decoration.

The bronze coloring of this bird works well with the matching bronze décor.

Look closely and you’ll see pink birds on the shoulder and in the skirt of the tree, creating a delicate look.

Here is another example of multiple birds on one tree.

This is one below is one of personal favorites because it uses birds and a feathers on the skirt instead of the traditional garland and feathered angel wings. A feather delight!

If you want birds and feathers on your dress form holiday tree, we have have a curated list of vendors on Amazon who sell them.

To be inspired by more examples of birds decorating a  Dress Form Holiday Trees, visit our Pinterest board here.  And if you would like to share your dress form tree design with others, we invite you to join our Facebook group.

Celia Campbell created this dress form holiday tree and she added the two cardinals as memory tributes to her deceased brother and father.

If you need  purchase a mannequin dress form to create a dress form holiday tree, we offer a discount on all our dress forms when you use the code MMBLOG at checkout. And, if you need some guidance in making a dress form holiday tree, we have several choices of digital tutorials for $1.99.


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