Mannequin Madness has been creating Dress Form Christmas Trees (now called Dress Form Holiday Trees) since 2014. We are known as the experts on this topic.

We have a wealth of resources to share if you are just getting started on making a Dress Form Tree which and we have complied them all in this blog post.

The first resource we recommend is that you follow our  Pinterest board on this topic. This board has examples of inspired Dress From Holiday trees from all over the world are categorized by theme. This will help you get clear on the type of dress form holiday tree you want to create – for example a wire or cloth dress form, live garland or faux garland.

Next we have free guides that explain everything from how to select the right dress form before you make a dress form holiday tree, to alternatives to using chicken wire for the skirt, how to decorate your tree with accessories such as angel wings, feathers  andIMG_0989.jpeg crowns. You can find all the guides  here:

If you need step by step instructions on how to make a Dress Form Holiday tree, we have digital tutorials on the four most popular styles. They are $1.99 each. Click this link.

Next if you are on Facebook, we have this group you can join where you can see DIY trees that others have created. You can also post your own tree or ask questions as you begin to design yours.

And if you need to purchase a dress form to make your tree, we have new and used ones here.


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